Photography for me a way to show people the things I see. It reflects things that I find beautiful, ugly, or interesting and shows them to the world from my perspective.

When taking pictures I rarely focus on a single type or genre, however I have tried to limit this website to my three favourite topics, namely Architecture, Music, and People each of which plays a different role in my life.
Architecture is my job, it is what I studied at university, it is my work, and it is something that is constantly on my mind.
Music. After religion, music and popular culture are the most influential things in modern society. I generally try and avoid the big names and focus on up and coming bands in small dark venues where the audience has a more intimate experience.
Finally people. People are amazing creatures, they can be beautiful and ugly at the same instant. I have never been a people person, but still they fascinate me, their differences, their similarities, the beauty of their bodies and the strangeness of their desires. I hope to be able to capture some of that in my images.